I Dewa Ketut Suharjana, Bambang Purwoko, Husein Umar


The aims of this research is to analyze the influence of Strategy Corporate, HRD Strategy, QHSE Management and Leadership on Company Performance in Construction Industry in Java Island. The research design used in this study is a causal design that explains the relationship between variables, supplemented by descriptive analysis to explain data from indicators and dimensions of each variable.The research location in Java Island area, the object of research includes36 companies in construction service industry using 246 managers as a sample. The data of this research are primary data obtained from questionnaires by respondents.The analytical method used for descriptive study and using SPSS software and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) using Lisrel software for the study of causality between variables.The result of causality analysis indicated that some research hypothesis is rejected, that is Leadership does not influence to Company Performance, Corporate Strategy has no effect to Company Performance, HRM Strategy has no effect to Company Performance and QHSE Management has no effect to Company Performance.

Keywords: HRD Management, Company Strategy, QHSE Management, Leadership, Company Performance

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