Indra Permana Kusuma Putra, Syarifah Hudayah, Gusti Noorlitaria Achmad


In this study involving consumers PT Samator Gas Industri Samarinda Seberang. In this study, a sample of 120 respondents was used to see customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The data analysis used by the author is the Structural Equation Model (SEM). Hypothesis testing is done by multivariate analysis carried out through the SmartPLS program. Data analysis through partial Least Square (PLS) is done through two stages, namely: First, Assessing the outer model or measurement model. Second, assess the inner model or structural model. The results showed that Customer value had a significant positive effect on customer satisfaction, Customer trust had a significant positive effect on customer satisfaction, Customer value had a significant positive effect on loyalty, Customer trust had a significant positive effect on loyalty, Satisfaction had a non-significant positive effect on loyalty on PT Samator Gas Samarinda Industry Opposite.

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